The following are what some of our clients have said about the services they received through Pediatric Potentials, Inc.




Thank you so much for all that you have done for my son. I can't imagine where he would be if he hadn't worked with your therapists. They were a perfect match for his personality and they knew how to motivate him to do new tasks and redirected him with firm love. We are truly blessed to have had you in our life.

Your therapists have helped me as much as they have helped my son. I now have such a greater understanding of Sensory Processing Disorders. They have unlocked the many mysteries I had about it through our talks and your recommendations.

I deeply appreciate all of the patience, care, and wisdom that your therapists have demonstrated over a crucial time in my son's life.


My daughter's story is like a dream come true. When she started therapy with your company she could not go through a day without having at least one "fit". Your therapists and my daughter worked very hard. Not only does my daughter no longer have "fits", but she can sit for more than twenty minutes at a time and she no longer has to touch and hug people all the time. Your entire staff was very helpful and helped us with a nightmare and gave us back our smart little girl.

I would have to say our experience with Pediatric Potentials, Inc. was a great one. We will always highly recommend your company and services.


My son was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder when he was 4 years old. We tried two other sensory clinics prior to starting with Pediatric Potentials, and had horrible experiences and results. My son's behavior and school grades were actually getting worse.

We started working with Pediatric Potentials, after 2 parents shared their positive experiences and results with me. In less than 4 months of treatment my son made a tremendous amount of progress and blossomed before our eyes.


I called several other providers when I was trying to decide how to best help my son. At most, I was given ten minutes and received answers to one or two questions. When I called Pediatric Potentials, they took the time to listen to all of my questions, without a guarantee of even a penny. After talking with them, it was evident that helping children and families is their top priority. As a teacher and a parent that kind of caring and dedication goes a long way with me.

When my son started occupational therapy, he had trouble coordinating his arm and leg movements - things that seem simple for most kids his age were a real struggle for him. Now, he is much stronger and coordinated, and his confidence has grown too!

He was able to hold it together pretty well at school, but the afternoons were a nightmare. Thirty-minute meltdowns were the norm, and we were all frustrated. After six months of occupational therapy we are all much happier now and he handles difficult situations calmly. What a difference!


You gave us hope when I thought I just couldn't take it anymore. You brought us out of a horrible place to a much more bearable place. Not only did you resolve our son's sensory issues, but you also educated me on how to work with him outside your office. I don't know what I would have done without your incredible team of professionals.


Our family truly values the time we have spent with your therapists strengthening our son's skills. Your professionalism and expertise are a true find and we are lucky to have found you. Nothing is a better example of all your hard work than how incredible our son is learning, functioning and socializing in school. He is now doing better than other kids with no low-tone or low (now normal) fine motor skills. Homework time has become easier and went faster and my son stopped complaining that he was tired or it was boring. Thank you for everything!


Pediatric Potentials, Inc. not only provided high quality therapy services, but was also a very valuable resource. The company really cares about my child's well being.


I have been to many therapists to help my son since he was 18 months and there has been no one that has come close to what Pediatric Potentials has done for my son.

I would like to say that the moment that I started with Pediatric Potentials I knew that my son (3 1/2 years at the time) was in the place that he needed to be. They were able to connect and diagnose my son and knew exactly what he needed. We have been going to them for about one year and I have seen a remarkable improvement with my son. Their therapists gave me tools and instructions to take home to help my son in between therapy sessions. They also explained to me every step of the way to help my son reach his potential.

Pediatric Potentials has started my son on audio therapy. This consists of 30 minutes twice a day with special music and headphones. Since we started this therapy we have seen our son increase in his vocabulary, comprehension and speech at an incredible speed.

I would highly recommend seeking out Pediatric Potentials to help your child.

Thank you for all that your have done for my son.


You have made such a positive difference in our home. I do not know where we would be without your company and I am thankful everyday for your skills in improving not only our daughter's life, but ours as well.

When our daughter was first diagnosed with sensory integration disorder I was in disbelief. It took me weeks to acknowledge the problem and ever longer to embrace it. Your ability to target my child's problems and your methods for dealing with her condition has improved her daily living tremendously; she has blossomed before my eyes.

Having a child with sensory integration disorder is a daily challenge. I use to think the days would never end and often questioned motherhood as a whole. You have single-handedly brought us to a healthier and happier place. We are now more united, patient and empathetic. Simply, we are thriving. Thank you for bringing joy to our family and for teaching us skills to improve our daily life.


It was refreshing to finally find an occupational therapist that specialized in sensory and oral motor therapies. I would definitely recommend the therapists at Pediatric Potentials from a mother and teacher's perspective.


Yesterday my son's school did the President's fitness test. My son came in 2nd and he was really proud because for the last two years he came in last place. Thank you so much. You are all terrific. Between the occupational, speech and listening therapy and just the love and caring you guys give, you are making quite a difference in my little boy's life.


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